Apple Professional Development: Outsourcing Your Software Design Project

At our development company, we are often approached by clients who are not very knowledgeable in the IT business, and we understand how hard it may be to dive into Apple app development without some specific knowledge. Our experts would like to make your lives easier, explaining you some of the hot topics that may help you with launching your Apple app development process and finding the right team for the job.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Developer

So, you have your brilliant idea of an Apple app. It is time to find the developer who can bring it to life. When looking for the Apple app design company to outsource your digital project, pay attention to the following aspects:
  • Experience. Ask whether the programmers have worked on the projects related to your industry. For example, if they have succeeded in the development of a content management system for a large media corporation, they will certainly be able to design a similar product for your company.
  • References. Keep in mind that not all of the clients agree to let the developers publish their references. So if you cannot find many clients reviews on their website, do not hesitate to ask them to provide you with the contact of their previous clients.
  • Expertise and development process. It is nice when the developers have a lean app development process that includes quality assurance and continuous integration, and choose the approach to software development, be at agile, waterfall, or any other methodology, based on the client’s requirements.
  • Project management. Ask the canidates whether they will provide you with an experienced project manager, and how and how often they prefer to communicate with you.
  • Business savvy. Programming a working Apple application is one thing, but creating a full-fledged mobile solution that adds value to your business is a completely different task. The development team should understand your business practices, needs and goals, have a clear view of how to get the most out of the web solutions they build and how to deliver the product that will pay for itself in the long run. If your company is a startup, make sure that the developers have background in the development of MVPs (minimum viable products).
  • Development costs. The hourly rates the developers charge may not directly indicate on how much the whole project is going to cost in the end, because the price is defined by a number of other factors. For example, an experienced development team charges more, but works faster, while the developers who have low hourly rates may develop your product for ages, so that in the end you will pay even more. And another important thing to consider is that while the developers work on your project, it does not bring you money, os it is better to choose a digital agency that follows the agile approach, delivering shippable products within short iterations.

If you have some other questions about choosing the mobile developers to work with, you can contact us and ask anything you would like to know - we will be happy to chat with you.
How Much Does Apple Professional Development Cost?

The costs of hiring a developer to outsource an Apple app project is another question that worries our clients a lot. To say the truth, not a single developer will be able to tell you the exact cost, because it depends on the complexity of the Apple app, its designs, features, experience of the developer and how well you are prepared to start the development. Here are the major price factors that determine the cost of Apple app development projects.

The Size of the Project

Approach to the development process is if you are designing your new home. If you have just graduated from a uni and just starting out living on your own, it is likely that your budget is limited, the architect will suggest you a basic off-the-shelf solution with simple designs that is not expensive because it uses standard tools and materials and quick to make. However, if you are well established in life and have substantial savings that you have been putting away your whole life to build your dream home, then the architect is likely to choose the bespoke approach, creating a unique solution that will perfectly meet your specific needs, requirements and wishes. The architect will use the best materials, the most advanced tools and the latest techniques to build a house that fits perfectly into your vision of the dream home, without regard to how much it will cost.

How Do Developers Work?

Or imagine yourself as a novelist. When you start your new book, you are sitting in front of the computer or typewriter with a blank sheet of paper, waiting for the inspiration to come. The Apple app developer and the novelist are very much alike. On the first day of the next book-writing project, the writer is empty-handed, you start with a blank sheet. The same with the developer - every element of the Apple app is lines of code that the developer has to write. Therefore, developers spend hours putting the code down much like the writers who work on their books. And it takes a lot of time and effort to write a bestselling novel.

Build an MVP

If your financial capacity is limited, you need to focus on one primary feature in order to lower the costs and simplify the development. So be ready that the developer may implement an open source code available to the general public and use some pre-made design templates. You can find open source codes on various code repositories on the internet. What you will get is a digital product similar to an MVP, which you may use to validate your idea, see whether the Apple app clicks with your customers and whether your products and services are in demand in order to continue implementing new features, improving the existing functionality and expanding the project.

Where Is the Development Team Located?

Many entrepreneurs choose to offshore Apple app development, hiring mobile experts located in the countries with emerging economies because they offer their services at much cheaper prices compared to the Western design agencies. For example, a skillful Australian software team based in a large city like Melbourne will charge at least $170 per hour. On the other hand, an equally experienced designer from India or other Asian country will charge $45 per hour because their economies allow them to operate at lower hourly rates.

Communication Issues

Keep in mind that you may have problems with communication if the development team is located in a different time zone, but on the other hand, if you outsource your project only partially it may be nice to have a distributed team working on it 24 hours a day. If the developers you higher have strong communication skills and expert project managers, you will like face no problems in communicating your ideas and requirements, and keeping an eye on the progress.
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What Kind of App Do You Need?

The cost and amount of time you will have to spend on app development largely depends on which mobile platform you want to run your program on - the most popular ones being iOS and Android - and what kind of app you wish to create.
  • Basic functionality app. Simple apps typically consist of drop-down menus and are built with design templates. 100 hours is an average time you will require to build such an app.
  • Database-integrated app. An app that utilises backend as a service model (BaaS) , storing data on a server or a database. To create such an app, you will require roughly 190 hours.
  • Bespoke enterprise app. A program built to address the specific needs and requirements of the company with data stored on device. 230 hours is an approximate time to develop an enterprise solution.
  • Mobile game. A mobile game that support single mode and multiplayer. The time to create such an app start at 500 hours.

Get a Quote

If you design a native Android application, there are many option to reduce costs and reduce the amount of extra work, for instance, you can build an app that only support the latest versions of Android or only runs on certain devices. If you want to estimate the cost of your project or have any other questions concerning development, contact us, and our experts will send you a quote and discuss your project in detail.