iPad Twitter Apps Development Offers Two New Twitter Apps – Quip And Thirst

There is no shortage of computer, mobile and web clients, when it comes for Twitter apps development. The transparent timeline interface of Twitter helps developers to create all sorts of creative user interfaces and approaches to viewing and interacting with Twitter content.
Twitter is powerful enough in itself to offer great functionality to average users whereas Twitter lovers like to try some of the top twitter apps. For twitter app lovers there are two most fascinating apps Quip and Thirst – for the iPad. These two apps take very different approaches to twitter but both are outstanding, and worth downloading.
Rather than sharing links, when you use Twitter mostly for conversing with your Twitter contacts then Quip is the best iPad twitter app that you should download. With this twitter app, tweet exchanges are grouped together and can be expanded and viewed as part of the timeline rather than on a separate page. Moreover, you will find that the profile icons and tweets appear larger than the normal size. When you launch the app the icons becomes visible on the screen. The larger size means that you don’t have to tap to a second page to re-tweet, reply or favorite a tweet. Icons for these actions are part of each tweet.
Further, it provides the facility of viewing profile information without going to the separate page. This also saves time whenever you are trying to quickly follow or block someone. Besides, tapping a user’s icon, it displays his/her profile in a single window, without a need for tapping two or three times to see that information.
The only drawback in Quip is that the links to the web pages open up in an entirely separate window, which means that you have to leave the timeline totally just for viewing web pages. Otherwise, Quip is the best twitter app to download on your iPad.
Thirst is a free Twitter app to download that delivers a newspaper style presentation of your timeline. You can view your timeline in a traditional way but Newspaper view condenses and categorizes tweets in a display of photos, topics and contacts. When you tap on a topic, say CNN, you get all the related tweets, headlines and links for viewing.
However, Thirst can be slow due to the material it tries to load all at once. Scrolling in Thirst is not so smooth as in other similar apps. At times it takes a while to fetch web pages.
Anyways, these minute problems will not hinder your usual twitter experience of Quip and Thirst. You will definitely like to have them. Furthermore, iPad Twitter app development is a booming market with developers pouring in new apps. Still, if you are looking to add some features to your Twitter app then hire iPad developer, who can help you customize apps according to your needs.