Outsource App Development: How To Do It Properly

If your company wants to develop mobile applications, the best and most economical option is to hire outsource third-party software developers. Outsourcing offers considerable advantages, from minimizing development time to providing better results with professionally created programm. As well as let you company to efficiently work with our own staff, implementing their regular tasks.

By choosing our IT team, your company will also get the support of professional developers, which can quickly become part of your team. We are ready to actively participate in marketing researches of your niche, making the decisions with deeper knowledge of the market and providing better digital solution.

Development team or free app designer?

Our web and mobile programmers and designers will work together to get excellent results for your business, to provide you with attractive and professionally created app. Another option is to recruit a freelance digital designer, but there may be some risk, such as lack of time, proficiency or communication difficulties.

Our experts have collected some tips you should take in account when choosing a programmer.

Define the purpose of the app

Before you start looking for mobile designers, you need to determine the core purpose of the app - what does it need to do and what does your business want to achieve? If your application requirements and goals are not clear, your representative will not be able to explain your thoughts to the developers you hire. Take a moment to browse the AppStore and estimate your competitor's app to see what might be appealing in their software, what features and market requirements the project should include:

  • Does your app need to integrate with social networks?
  • How will your users sign in?
  • What is a profit strategy?
  • Do you want the app to be free or is there a simplified version and a paid version for customers to choose?
  • Does your business need an iOS or Android solution, or both?
  • Do you require a local app or multiplatform one, because there are significant differences in the price of the two options?

When you think about these issues by defining your mobile strategy, your idea will have a comprehensive design plan. It's time to start looking for development company.

How to find outsource app development team?

If your goal is to build a native app for iOS, it's obvious you need to find a development team who is familiar with Apple's operating system.

If the company wants to create everything by itself, your company will need Developer Account.

If you are thinking about the process optimization and sure, that you will be more efficient in your own business, it’s a good time to outsource the project to professionals.

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App development for iPad

It is not possible to create a mobile app that fits perfectly any screen size, which is why you need to think about the difference between iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro to properly optimize your product and find the right outsourcing team. For example, our talented UX and UI designers understand app archives, easy-to-use designs, and incredible user experiences that will allow your customers to spend hours on the iPad application and any time to access them again and again for free minutes. From initial ideas to identifying requirements, design concepts, coding, testing, and final release, we accompany on every step of iPad application development.

Android native design

Many companies tend to focus on iOS, but at the same time ANdroid is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, which can not be ignored. In addition, Android is a powerful mobile platform that offers many unique features and customization opportunities. We can list many reasons why Android should be explicitly included in your mobile strategy, either as the primary mobile platform or as a second step after iOS development. Android smartphones and tablets are more affordable, the number of devices is growing rapidly, Android operating systems are highly flexible due to its openness and last but not least, Android has the backing of Google.

Free platform

There are many ways to find IT experts, but the easiest way is to simply put your ads on a freelance platform such as Toptal.com, Upwork.com, Freelancer.com or any other qualified service provider. You can write the project description, the qualification required by the external staff, and set the budget for development. For example, when Upwork launches a job, you can navigate information from outsource development agency and invite others to evaluate your project.

How to post a job

Place your ad to ensure all requests are specified and communicate the requirements and specific purpose of the app to any developer who offers their work. Describe all requirements, including the platform on which the software is running, the features, and the expectations for the final appearance of the product. This is a helpful suggestion that can help you find the right outsource development group to work with - make sure you do not receive a copy paste response, write to the representative, who actually read the job description and clearly understand the requirement . Ask the bidders to answer a small question, or make a response while doing something. For example, people can tell the potential partners to do certain actions on their posts, such as writing the phrase "awesome app" in the last line of their post to show they read the job description and understood the needs and qualifications. There is no doubt that someone will be surprised by something so simple that can make a worthless candidate.

Receive bids

Whichever platform you use, read the information about potential outsource development company. If you think their profile does not provide all the information you need, feel free to contact the developer’s partners and ask lots of questions about them directly to the customers. Often, advertising on any of the platforms listed above will make the response in internal time and time faster. But slow down and do not accept the first offer received. Waiting a few days, depending on your schedule, collecting a lot of potential outsource contractors to choose from.

Candidate interview

Outsource applications develop any platform where your delegates should contact the outsource contractors and talk to them before hiring. Do not write long email messages and wait for a response time, but use a popular messenger to talk to the outsource candidate and discuss the work in real time. Skype may be more suitable for tasks because it is installed on most devices and is the first choice for many app developers. Other options you can use include Viber, Google Hangouts, Facebook, WhatsApp,Telegram, and other messaging services to interview potential outsource programmers, share project feedback and communicate with them.

Online chat or videoconference

The main advantage of the message is that they give you the capability to talk to the candidates in real time. This service allows entrepreneurs to conduct live conversations with outsource developers and respond immediately to their queries. Another effective way to get in touch with a candidate is video conferencing, which can be used by many modern messengers. Video conferencing can be more useful because it not only allows you to get answers right away and converse instantly, but also lets outside developers see too many details that can not be noticed by the text.

loyal clients

What is the problem in the interview?

Of course, you already know what to search for in a perfect outsource contractor, but should not ignore a valuable skill - communication. Developing outsource projects is a complex process in which you need developers to quickly understand your business and who is willing to collaborate and explain all aspects of development that customers may not understand. First, ask the experts to understand your background in iOS software development, Android or mixed outsource, check your product portfolio and ask them to provide customer assessment (if any). Another important factor for outside development is that if a customer organizes a meeting through Google Hangouts and they are connected to you in a timely manner, this can be an important signal that alerts the specialist to disciplinary and committed issues.

Discuss the costs


No matter what the initial price of the work released, the bidder may demand a higher service price. Do not be discarded because the price is higher than the price mentioned in the advertisement. Keep in mind that outsourced developers may have a good reason so they can explain you high bids. Do not forget that platforms, such as Upwork, allow jobs to be rolled out without setting prices, so that outside developers should get the sum of their jobs.

Outsourcing: Was It Worth It?


Of course, yes if you take the direct outsource developer , your company may find a perfect solution to meet all your requirements. Do not choose anyone to offer your work just so that the project is completed as quickly as possible. Allow some time to learn about your candidates and evaluate them to complete a perfect product to fully meet the needs of your company.

Work with us

Experienced app designers can create a virtual dimension for your business, which many companies see today. The powerful online business has many benefits and our outsource software development experts know how to realise the app with a great potential.

In a modern working environment employees can use a variety of tools, integration with each of which demands additional methods to protect the corporate data. That’s why the security of enterprise software is a necessity. If your business needs a stable working and invulnerable application, let us go and create it for you.