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We are one of the world's leading smartphone application development teams who have acquired great experience building high-performance, feature-rich mobile apps and cross-platform projects for smartphones that run on all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

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The Smartphone Software Development Team knows how to combine powerful features with world-class design to meet the most demanding requirements. We turn your most challenging ideas into exciting smartphone apps that stay on the user's home screen to become your favorite. In addition to the development of mobile software, we can have a high level of network programming capabilities, as well as digital strategy and business analysis for the design, code and maintenance of post-launch services related to IT. We provide services to UK and global customers to help them develop smart smartphone and web apps. Business-oriented solutions, our team is eager to pursue emerging technologies that enable us to add business value to our end products. Programmers and designers can produce something less than the highest, most attractive and functional user experience.

Our services

Over the past nine years, mobile and web app developers have seen the exciting growth of customers, helping them innovate, interact with clients, increasing brand loyalty, and collecting valuable customer data through the introduction of customized software solutions, and optimization of internal processes.

As front-end and back-end programming specialists, we can also create smartphone applications on the Web and implement native or cross-platform projects to ensure that your work on any device, regardless of platform, screen size and resolution. The company chose the smartphone software development because it’s a cutting edge technology, which provides a great potential for our clients growth. We ensure secure, sustainable and scalable solutions in any development environment.

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iOS experience

The powerful iOS software developers will help you conceptualize the application idea, create the appropriate IT digital strategy, design the layout according to the iOS man-machine interface guide, write robust code, provide IP applications and Business-class iPad in a timely manner, browse the Apple App Store review process. We have a solid experience in iOS development, qualified use of the iOS SDK framework, Objective-C, Swift, Xcode IDE, UIkit, Interface Builder, JSON, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa Core Libraries, numerous APIs and many other technologies that allow us to create an excellent user experience. Since the release of iPhone hardware continues to evolve with the Apple SDK and iOS to create a developer-friendly environment that allows us to offer the best customizable end-to-end iPhone solution.

Android platform

Android professional app developers will help you win Android users and run the operating system for all brands in the mass market. We have enough experience and experience in developing innovative solutions based on Android. Our Android application developers offer valuable and functional custom solutions to different areas and industries, gaining valuable experience and business insight. We created native solutions for Android smartphones using SQLite databases, Android SDK, JavaScript, C ++, Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE and various APIs. If you are looking for a developer who can provide you with an independent smartphone solution, our team will help you achieve the goals you need and provide you with more promotional apps. Client-side servers, web services, database, or Android-based software - anything that meets your business needs.

Windows Mobile

2015, Microsoft has released a new version of the Windows platform for smartphones and tablets PC Unified Windows 10 devices. Using common Windows platform build software, developers can design user interfaces for a variety of Windows device families while retaining almost the same functionality. We have extensive experience in using this operating system and creating software solutions for all devices. We enable our customers to participate in development to ensure we meet their vision of business planning and needs. We are proficient in Visual Studio IDE, C #, C, C ++, and the .NET Framework to provide technical benefits to your Windows apps. Our smartphone app developers can provide exciting mobile applications for the Windows operating system, providing you with Microsoft brand security, strength and support.

Development costs of smartphone applications

The cost of developing mobile applications can range from £ 8,000 to several hundred pounds. There are different aspects that affect the cost of program development, starting with a variety of platforms such as feature set, design requirements, integration, and so on. One of the key factors is whether you want to create a native application or a hybrid solution, because your choice depends on development time. We can not tell you the cost of a specific item before you let us know. We can say that the average cost of a local MVP (minimum viable product) is about £ 20,000 to £ 30,000. But each project is unique, we need to know the details to estimate the budget. That's why do not hesitate to talk to us and find out the real cost of your software product. We are happy to answer your questions.

Mobile Software Solutions

We provide a flexible participatory model that begins with a comprehensive analysis of the project concept and its IT requirements to ensure that we choose to implement the most appropriate and final software solution. Our developers can provide you everything from native application development to the web and mixed. IT specialists carefully consider your program budget, schedule, and specifications, and provide the technical characteristics that meet your requirements and recommend choosing a more appropriate technology.


The local application is a program that the user can find in the app store and is started by clicking its icon. They are developed using native SDK and specific operating systems. If you want to use multiple platforms developed by the machine, you should write unique code for each platform. Local software provides the most reliable and fastest experience to ensure a rapid response to user operations and streamline operations. They also allow developers to take advantage of all the hardware functions to take advantage of a wider range of features. As part of the user's smartphone, the local mobile program offers the most convincing user experience, press the warning, whenever you need attention, will attract the audience.


A browser-based web application optimized for smartphones and tablets provides a mobile version of the site. This type of software is loaded via the browser of a smartphone (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) that allows users to access content without having to download programs on their devices and installations, so no disk space is needed . This type of software is also easy to maintain and update, and can only be changed in one place. They can be designed for looks and behavior as local solutions and can be a good alternative to cheaper local smartphone apps. Developers use Web-based solutions in programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, but native solution functionality is limited compared to developers who do not support the standard SDK. In any case, unlike native applications, the functionality of Web applications is not rich and attractive, but it also has no user experience.


Hybrid app development is located between native and Web solutions, with all the advantages of both options. Unlike native applications, they can be developed faster and therefore cheaper, and their functionality is better than Web-based software projects. They are built using compatible Web technologies and have some of the native code that allows them to access a wider range of features. When rewriting the native code with the shared core and only a portion, hybrid development allows the programmer to launch the app for all devices in a relatively short period of time. However, since the UI designer should make sure that your app looks good on all target screens, the programming time may increase because of the variety of layout projects and the program itself is not as fast and native apps.

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Why Hire a Smartphone App Developer

Mobile appn development helps users take advantage of their advanced features such as Internet connectivity, GPS, enhanced video and audio capabilities, touch screens, accelerometers, calls, and more. The mobile companies provide professional smartphone application developers with a wide experience of programming for all mobile software development platforms and tools tailored to the customer needs. As demand for these smart devices continues to grow and its functionality evolves more and more, now it's time to use powerful processing, larger interfaces and open operating systems, which with the help of experienced developers and designers can be equipped with more features and flexibility for the users.

Your IT benefits:

Our team can help you benefit from developing smartphone applications to provide you with:

  • Mobility - Expanding commercial access to loyalty and potential customers around the world and allowing employees to work remotely.
  • Branding awareness - presence in app stores and markets increases awareness of your brand and allows users to download and recommend to their friends to ensure viral advertising.
  • Improved Customer Relationship - Smartphone Apps Make your customers come in your pocket and get in on your fingertips. In addition, the application is a good way to provide customers with fresh and interesting information about the service updates and new products you offer.
  • New Revenue Sources - We can create a unique app for you with unprecedented features, signatures or advanced content based on your app ideas and generate a return on investment. Developers can create free smartphone apps that will be supported by ads or to make paid-for-the-money ads-free software.

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In our smartphone app business, passionate and creative developers will strive to create an amazing business transformation that makes the most of their skills. Unlike internal teams, they do not promise long-term contracts, but we do provide time costs to allocate the time and skills appropriate for your specific project. In addition, we can provide you with the reliability and top quality and guarantee the success of your project.