Two important characteristics of an ecommerce shopping cart

An ecommerce shopping cart application is a part and parcel of all ecommerce websites. In fact, they can be called the heart of any website. An ineffective shopping cart means an ineffectual website that fails to attract visitors and even if it does, it fails to convert them into customers.
There are two important characteristics that every online shopping cart must have. These are the characteristics that make or break such carts.
Easy Navigation
When a visitor is taken to your site’s shopping cart, he/she must be made to understand the features and functioning of your shopping carts. The navigation must be such that it ensures the quickness and convenience of the shopping cycle. This means that the user is able to get in and out of your ecommerce website, with the requisite purchase, in a matter of minutes. This improves the overall shopping experience for the user.
Highlights the Best and More Popular Products
Your shopping absolutely must highlight the best products available. Or let’s put that another way. It must be able to showcase those products that you want to sell. If it doesn’t do that and starts picking items at random, there is a good chance that the shopping cart will end up showcasing those products that are not that good and aren’t so popular. So, do keep this particular characteristic right at the top of your list.