Some Useful Tips For iPhone Users

People love their iPhone as they have an emotional attachment to their iPhone. Recent iOS 5 has given truly amazing features and functionality. Its capabilities ranging from e-mail, web surfing and phone to camera and games. Third party apps add additional features and functionality to the iPhone. We at iBits also offer iPhone app development services and try to make iPhone a better experience. In due course I am going to give you some useful tips regarding to iPhone.

Hard reset

When you face the problem of malfunction or glitch you can fix it with hard reset. Whenever the problem happens, just press down on your power button and home button simultaneously for few seconds and your iPhone will reboot.


When you want to capture a screenshot you have to do is press down on the Power button and Home button simultaneously for a second. Your screen will flash white and your screenshot will be in your Photo App. This image can be shared just like other photos.

Security code

To have a security code on iPhone is beneficial when your iPhone was stolen. It will keep your data safe and you will be able to wipe data from afar.

Find my iPhone App

When you lost your iPhone, go to app store and download ‘find my iPhone App’. this will help you to find your iPhone.


If you want to communicate with various smileys and emoticons then you should toggle your iPhone keyboard to Emoji. Just go to General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.

Fix Home Button

When your Home button becomes unresponsive then use this trick. Open any app ➡ press/hold the Power button until the Power Off option appears ➡ let go of the Power button ➡ hold down the Home button until the app closes.

Go to top of page

When you immediately return to the top of any page simply tap on the top of the screen.

Know Siri

If you want to set Siri up Go to Settings > General > Siri and then choose “My Info”. Once Siri know you she will act as a good assistance.